Dog Story

“A bunny whimpers, why do dogs do evil to me? The question rather, sweet rabbit, is why is there evil to be done? … I sing the dead rabbit.”

I hope you know Mark Strand’s “Dog Life“. If not, read it as soon as you can.

There is a long tradition of making new stories from the lives of minor characters in other stories. Really, the best in this style is the novel The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, in which Rhys tells the story of the first Mrs. Rochester — the bridal-veil shredding “madwoman in the attic” in Jane Eyre.

The woman in my “Dog Story” may or may not be the wife of Glover Bartlett. The husband in my story is called Rex. Names may have been changed, or may be “pet” names.

But I certainly knew Mark Strand’s story when I wrote mine.

The deal is, though, that I love dogs. I love them so much that sometimes I think I would rather be a dog than go around in this woman suit for one more day…